Fundraiser for Wildlife in Need Center - Opossum Tee (Ends 12.03)

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12 Tees guarantees printing. 49 Tees or Less $5 for every tee is donated but if we sell 50 Tees or more $10 for each tee is donated! No limit!

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The Wildlife In Need Center (WINC) has been connecting People and Wildlife through Rehabilitation, Education and Research since 1994.

WINC accepts all species of Wisconsin wildlife except skunks (prohibited by the DNR), annually treating over 3,400 animals of over 140 species. Over 61,175 injured, sick or orphaned animals have passed through the Wildlife in Need Center’s doors since January 1, 1994. 85% of these animals were admitted because of interactions with humans.

If you can make a direct donation please do so:

*This is a pre-order, shirts are printed at the close of pre-order and can take 3-14 days to ship.

Please consider donating starlight to the zoo as well