CRASH is Conservationists Raising Awareness for Species & Habitats!

We know there are many, many amazing organizations in the world focused on helping endangered species as well as their habitats. Our goal is to help as many of them as possible! Our purpose is to raise funds that we can then disperse to organizations that apply for our help. This will be dispersed in the form of wish list items, physical aid, and other necessities. Our goal is to develop relationships with every organization we help to ensure that they are using the donations appropriately and are therefore not swindling our dedicated supporters. This will involve getting frequent updates (as part of the ongoing support system) from the organizations as well as site visits. We want to help as many organizations as possible, while ensuring our donors that their funds are being utilized appropriately. Part of the vetting process will be giving small donations that can increase in size after the relationship strengthens and the organization has proven that they are legitimate.

For The Future: We hope to raise enough funds to start our very own rescue, rehabilitation, research, and education centre!