Bear Paw Leggings Designed by Animals Anonymous Apparel

About the company

Animals Anonymous Apparel is a small family business created by a zookeeper for zookeepers, wildlife conservationist and animal lovers. With the goal to evoke imagination and inspire conservation.
We knew from the start of Animals Anonymous that we wanted to do leggings. Wildlife lovers are typically active, outdoorsy, or just plan love to be comfortable. 
We spent a couple thousand dollars and lots of months designing the perfect legging which had to include the amazing deep pockets. 
We have since sold many pairs and have heard so much amazing feedback on design, durability, and comfort. 

Alexis Magdeline - Creator

I started Animals Anonymous in 2015 when I became pregnant with my first child. My parents owned a small garage screen print company and had been renting out my converted garage when I became pregnant. They inspired me to try to start my own business with my passion for wildlife conservation. It's safe to say it worked, I have to admit I was skeptical but I did see a need for more apparel that highlighted endangered, rare, and threatened species. I started off using their website to test the waters and after our Okapi design took off I began creating our own website and publishing more apparel with unique animals. The best part is we hired both my brothers as we expanded and now the whole family gets to work side by side on a daily basis. My mother is in charge of operations, my father and I do a lot of art, website, and selling. My oldest brother runs embroidery and my younger brother does the entire screen printing process. I now have 3 kids under the age of 5, married to a former keeper, Wilber, who has since started his own HVAC business that I help with when I can. I never imagined leaving the field but I am so thankful I have found a way to stay connected to the community and help inspire others while working on my passion right along side my entire family. #teamconservation


Risks and Challenges

As a small business we try to avoid stock and base our sales on pre-orders so we will only have one to two extra items for exchange. We will have to purchase stock in case of any errors or customer exchanges, that means 1-2 of every size legging, 1-2 of every size bra, as well as extra headbands that need to be purchased and held on to until after all orders are shipped.


Environmental commitments

When shipping we use Eco Enclose packaging that can be reused, used for animal enrichment, or composted. Recycled paper thank you notes and do our best to avoid any single use plastics.

The leggings, sports bra, and headband are made from recycled jersey fabric.


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