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Rose - Anonymous Animal Pack (Starts shipping in February)

Rose - Anonymous Animal Pack (Starts shipping in February)

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Last day to purchase is January 30th

Packs start shipping the second week of the month, depending on demand packs may continue to ship the entire month after the end of the sale.


Do you trust the pack ?

Packs include

  • One t-shirt
  • A Sticker
  • Fun themed candy 
  • An info card
  • Eco friendly packaging

BONUS Packs Include

  • All of the above
  • PLUS 1-3 bonus items that are sublimated or embroidered or BOTH. To match the theme. Bonus items may include a large blanket, keychain, pants, bag, tote, bum bags, a tumbler, a large water bottle, extra stickers, towels, glass cups, and so much more! The possibilities are endless.

Each pack has a theme we announce the first of the month.

We do not offer exchanges or refunds on packs due to limited supply amounts.




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