About Us

Let me take a minute
to re introduce myself and tell you why I started Animals Anonymous. My names Alexis Alvarenga and I am a former zookeeper and avid ambassador for conservation. After getting pregnant with my first child I had to step back from my dream job but I wanted to continue to help, and I wanted to help more than I ever did before. I was not going to let motherhood hold me back but help push me forward and open my eyes to help our future generation. AA was started to evoke imagination and raise awareness for all species. Today we have donated over $50,000 to 100s of different organizations all over the world. With plans to double and triple that with each passing year. We donate 20% of net sales and create simple designs that let us print our tees on demand in our Texas warehouse. My parents and both my brothers help run the business by doing paperwork, screen printing, embroidery and artwork. We want to save species and make a lasting impact on the world. #teamconservation